You Have to Go to Casa de Campo

Posted On: August 21, 2015

People must be working hard this summer because we are busy creating memorable travel reward programs all over the world! The recognition programs we plan at Docherty are so rewarding that we often wish we were the recipients. Thankfully we get to scout out both beautiful and serene as well as adventure-packed and magical beaches, hotels, spas and tours all around the globe. 

Right now we love the Caribbean (actually we always love the Caribbean because what’s not to love?). But especially right now we’re enthralled with Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. The DR is hugely popular yet both affordable and accessible. This country is home to the largest mountain peak in the Caribbean and some of the most coveted golf courses on the planet. With an average daily temperature of 78°, the DR can only be described as perfect.

We discovered a luscious find in Casa de Campo, one of The Leading Hotels of the World and a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. What makes it unique? Casa de Campo is luxury and relaxation all bundled together. For executives or families, Casa de Campo offers luxurious villas with all the amenities you would expect from an elite resort. The serene setting offers tropical views of lush flora and beautifully manicured grounds. 

For golf lovers, you’ll feel you have arrived in paradise. There are no less than 90 holes on spectacular golf courses. Beyond golf there are lighted tennis courts, horse trails, skeet shooting and even deep sea fishing options. Get fit on the running trails or in the fitness center then get pampered with a much-needed massage at their full service spa. Casa de Campo in the DR is a place to do all the things you deserve and for which your travel reward is calling you to indulge: soaking in the sun, eating a culinary cornucopia of fresh sea fare and tropical fruits, letting someone pamper you with skin rejuvenation or exhaling during a hot stone massage.

We regret to inform you it will be hard to leave Casa de Campo. There are nanny services if you bring your kids, there are bars, lounges and six different restaurants right on the resort. Our favorite part? It is hard to pick just one, but we’re confident you’ll agree with us about how we appreciate the diversity of options at Casa de Campo. You can retreat into solitude or you can engage in interesting island tours. You can rest and relax or you can get out and get active. The beauty of Caribbean travel is all the ways island culture can accommodate your wishes.

Casa de Campo is ideal for employee retreats and conferences. Themed dinners, team-building activities, unique outings, and other events tailored just for your group makes this an irresistible destination. Is it possible to work and play? It is at Casa de Campo. You might be laughing while learning to play donkey polo with your co-workers in that warm Caribbean sun not realizing that the leadership skills you’re tapping into will positively affect your job when you return home.

These are the kinds of travel incentive programs Docherty creates—experiences that rejuvenate and inspire. Casa de Campo has created a brilliant and beautiful resort with you in mind. Let us help you get there fast.