Why Internal Reward Platforms Are Good for External Customers

Posted On: November 18, 2014

When the sales in your company have come to a monotonous plateau it is time to introduce a rewards platform (unless you have a rewards program already in place in which case you need a new one immediately, if not sooner). It is little known, but offering a rewards program that entices employees to work hard and enjoy their efforts impacts your brand’s customers for the better.

True story—when your sales force is motivated to reach their beach destination by, say, selling industrial air compressors, your customer service positive ratings skyrocket. Everyone’s happy.

When employees participate in a rewards program it is the mark of a beautiful relationship…an act that is a step of confidence on both the part of employee and employer. The entire process of moving the relationship from stagnancy to activity can be likened to the milestones in a good romance.

Let’s track the romance between a sales manager having just signed on with a newly implemented rewards platform with their company so we can discover the brilliance of how a rewards program is so very good for your external customers.


When the air compressor sales guy is considering participating in a rewards program it is an opportunity for a company to make a good first impression. The program and you as human resources guru has a major job: ensure that at each step of your employees’ interactions with your brand (from the logo to the communications) the company’s best self is being presented and projected. The interested sales manager may not be consciously seeking incentives but if there are coffee stains on the fold down tray, there will be no happy ending to this fairytale romance. The courting stage can actually reveal much if a salesperson is attuned to the ways their company seeks their attention (and they are).

The courting stage is a precursor to an employee signing on to a rewards program…feedback at this stage can truly be transformative for customer service because the lack of commitment for a second date says things have to change…


With engagement our air compressor sales guy gets a new title (participant), which entitles them for the long term. It means they are willing to invest their best selves to their customers because there is reward at the end. They’ll show up (maybe early) they’ll go the extra mile (maybe many) and the increased effort will show…it will payoff.  It also means they are invested in tracking the program and understanding how it will benefit their personal goals and desires.

At this stage employees are connecting with their work in a deeper way because of their new commitment to a rewards program. This engagement stage is the stage of possibility, of seeing the future of opportunity and wanting to be in that space. There is no better motivator than offering a rewards program that launches employees right where their personal dreams pull them. And their clients and customers can’t help but pick up on the energy and excitement of that world of possibility.


A rewards program winner is feeling the euphoria of their burst of power and can now relax in the honeymoon stage of having done good, hard work. The question most likely to surface at this point in the minds of human resources is…well, how do you keep the marriage alive? They’ve done the hard work, launched us into a different tax bracket but what’s next? The beauty of the rewards programs Docherty offers is that we are realistic about the cycle a participant goes through from beginning to end and beyond.

Choosing to implement a rewards program is a big commitment and one you won’t regret because of the ripple effect such a platform has on your internal work force as well as the customers they seek and maintain.

Consider launching a rewards platform in 2015 that will be distinct, desirable and make your employees feel like they’re in a match made in job heaven.