Docherty Incentives & Meetings: The Power of Images

Posted On: May 2, 2017

The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” may not be giving enough credit to the power of pictures. When you consider the power of images to inspire a mood, you may think about the nostalgia you feel flipping through a family album, the joy of reliving a favorite world location while looking at pictures on Facebook or the longing evoked by a bucket-list destination. 

Pictures can bring back the memories of the sights, sounds and even flavors of a memorable trip and can help you relive that experience for years to come. The team at Docherty Incentives & Meetings has been planning incentive and meeting travel for over 30 years, so we understand the power of images to inspire a mood and the importance of capturing memories that can last a lifetime.

Have Camera, Will Travel

When we travel, we have the opportunity to not only experience different cultures and places, but also to give our friends and families the chance to be a part of our journey. Sharing our travel photos may even inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and work towards a travel incentive or try a particular cuisine they hadn’t considered before. Photos can also inspire action and symbolize important events. NASA’s 1968 photo of Earth as seen from outer space, known as “The Blue Marble,” has become the symbol of Earth Day and is the inspiration behind the flag of the United Nations, as well.

The power of images to inspire a mood is amazing. Consider the joy and relief on golfer Sergio Garcia’s face when he finally won the Masters Tournament this year—his first major championship in the almost 20 years he’s been a professional golfer. What about the iconic National Geographic photo of the Afghan Girl that photographer Steve McCurry took in 1984? Her haunting image resonated with people enough that the photographer was inspired to seek out this same girl decades later and photograph her again.

Photos also have a powerful way of humanizing even the most public figures. The series of pictures of former President George W. Bush wrestling with his rain poncho during this year’s Inauguration may have made you laugh or sympathize with his public awkward moment. Photographs have the power to tell stories and allow people to create their own narrative in ways that words and videos can’t.

Capturing Moments and Creating Memories

With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket or pack these days, taking pictures has never been easier. And with various filters and adjustable settings in popular photography apps, you can edit your photos to match the beauty of your memories, even if your picture didn’t capture the moment the way you remember it. Scrolling through your pictures on your smartphone or computer can take you back to the sounds of the ocean during a memorable beach trip, the taste of a favorite meal on a travel rewards destination or the smells of blooming flowers while wandering through a quaint town. You don’t have to wait to share old photos on Throwback Thursday (#tbt); you can experience the power of images to inspire a mood any day of the week.

Once you’ve taken a memorable trip, there are many programs and apps you can use to edit, organize and share your photos. By sharing your pictures, you may even inspire your friends and families to take a similar trip, and your photos can help guide them to your favorite spots along the way.

How Docherty Inspires the Traveling Life

Docherty Incentives & Meetings treks to destinations near and far to plan some of the best travel incentive programs around, so we know how important it is to capture memories along the way. Our trips are road-tested, but we’ll never grow road-weary as long as we’re helping our clients plan their team’s memorable rewards trips that will invigorate their employees.

The power of images to inspire a mood can have a lasting, profound effect for years to come. Contact Docherty to learn more about how we can send you and your team to picture-worthy destinations around the globe.