The Importance of Gratitude in a Season of Giving

Posted On: December 22, 2017

Have you ever received unexpected recognition for something you thought had gone unnoticed? It’s a great feeling, and you may not have realized it, but that recognition can have a profound effect on the psyche…it can encourage a person to work even harder on their projects and tasks.

Being appreciated and rewarded is the ultimate incentive to working hard at something and being dedicated to a company, cause or organization. As a leader, thanking your employees is a vital task that can drastically improve the way your company operates.

Why Employee Recognition Matters

Feeling unappreciated is a major motivator when it comes to seeking different work spaces. Read: people will quit if they don’t feel valued. If an employee feels they are just one of many cogs in a machine, they will burn out, become unproductive, lash out, turn inward or leave (among other possible responses). If they are not being acknowledged, they may not realize how vital their work, effort and significance is. And without that sense of purpose, why continue to do the work for your company? Conversely, when an employee is thanked in an individualized and meaningful way, they feel that not only is their work respected, but they are respected. They may even strive for more within the company, taking on new roles that will give them more responsibility if they are consistently and appropriately recognized for their contributions.

Not only can employee recognition improve retention rates and encourage employees to stay loyal to your company, but numerous cases show that it also improves the work being done. When morale is up, there is less burnout, fewer mistakes and more creativity. When employees are feeling energized by their management, you’ll see them begin to come up with creative solutions and go above and beyond in their role. The work your company puts out will in turn be fresh, authentic and of higher and higher quality.

Investing in your employees will prove beneficial for years to come. It truly is a cycle of recognition from which your company will reap the rewards. Here’s how it can look:

  • When you thank an employee, they feel their work is acknowledged.
  • When they feel their work is acknowledged, their work gets better.
  • When their work gets better, your company gets better.
  • When your company gets better, the incentives and rewards you can offer your employees will be better.

From there, your company will keep growing and getting stronger with each cycle of recognition. There truly is nothing to lose when you invest in recognition programs.

More Than Just a Thank You Card

Here is where you may find a challenge. Thanking your employees is easy. Thanking them in a meaningful and original way is not quite as easy. While cash bonuses are always appreciated, they are not personal and will eventually get lost in the income shuffle. A good gift is something that sends your employee a message that you care and appreciate them.

Here are ways to send a distinct message of appreciation to your employees from a rewards and recognition company that knows the impact of employee recognition on the bottom line.

How to Effectively Say Thank You

  • Gift Cards: Instead of doling out the same gift cards to every member of your company, do some research to figure out what each person enjoys. While one employee would kill for a massage, another might love a gift card to a yoga studio. The bookworm will be ecstatic when you give them a bookstore gift card, and you will shock the movie buff with movie theatre passes.
  • Lighten Their Load: For employees who are constantly working overtime and giving their all, they would probably rather have one less thing on their to-do list than a gift card they’ll never find time to use. Consider buying them services like dog walking or meal/grocery delivery. Perhaps they would love a Keurig coffee maker at their desk so they can stop buying it when they run out of time in the morning. When it comes to tired employees, decreasing their stress level is the best gift you can give.
  • Perks at Work: What are you doing to show appreciation for the employees who have worked for you the longest? While higher pay is often the main distinguisher, other office perks can be used to show gratitude as well. Giving them a reserved parking spot, larger desk space, comfier chair, or other in-office benefits is a nice way to show you value the time they’ve spent with the company.                          
  • Travel: For employees who have reached certain milestones or achieved something major, incentive travel is an amazing way to show your appreciation. Maybe some of your team members deserve a weekend beach getaway for the hard work they put in this year. Or perhaps a week in Ireland is just what they need to feel rejuvenated and cared for. Providing travel incentives to your employees shows that you’re just as dedicated to them as they are to your company. For employees who continually go above and beyond, you doing the same is the best way to thank them. At Docherty Incentives & Meetings, we love offering travel incentive programs for your employees and are ready to help with a wide variety of recognition ideas.

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