Surprising Revelations about the Value of Engaged Employees

Posted On: June 8, 2015

Even with all the work Human Resources departments invest in encouraging their CEO to enlist an employee engagement program, still some resist.

It is true, employee engagement isn’t always top-of-mind for CEOs. Senior management, founders and partners are constantly in demand and looking out for the future success of their business on many levels. If every employee engagement initiative required all their time and resources they’d no longer have a business able to employ those people!

There are so many reasons engaged employees positively impact the bottom line of a business. A few surprising revelations are worth noting since they give a new perspective on a strategy that could use a boost.

Surprising How Much Feedback Matters

Employees thrive on frequent feedback from their managers, bosses, superiors and employers. Authentic feedback tells employees their work is known and valued. It doesn’t always have to be positive feedback—constructive feedback creates engaged employees with tangible ways to improve. Feedback that has their work ethic and strengths repeated to them gives employees a positive boost. Those are the kinds of people you want working for you.

Surprising How Many Employees Don’t Know the Mission

If asked, how many employees do you think would be able to repeat the mission of your company? Mission statements are strategic and keep businesses focused. You don’t have to turn your mission statement into a litmus test to determine whether your employees are engaged or not, but you can begin highlighting the mission statement in more significant ways (rather than being buried on an About Us page or printed in an employee handbook). Promote your mission and capitalize on an employee’s need to connect with a deeper purpose of their everyday work.

Surprising How Engaged Employees Increase Profits

Aon Hewitt, a management consulting company, analyzed financial performance as it correlated to employee engagement. Their 2012 study of nearly 9 million employees worldwide uncovered this: highly engaged employees can dramatically influence a business’s operating income (let alone total shareholder return and company growth rate). In other words, your employees have the potential to affect your bottom line so consider investing in engagement programs as a business strategy.

Surprising How Overwhelmed Today’s Employees Are

In a study published by Deloitte University Press the findings from their Human Capital Trends survey report 65% of executives rated the “overwhelmed employee” an “urgent” or “important” trend, while 44% were “not ready” to deal with it. There is so much going on. There are so many disruptions throughout a day and work hours extend into personal life where tablets and smart phones win employee’s attention nearly nonstop. An overwhelmed employee is not an engaged employee. One way large companies are changing the overload is creating small teams within a company that meet face-to-face each day for quick meetings. Short updates, questions answered, goals reviewed, encouragement, reminders, then they’re on their way. Nothing is a silver bullet, but small steps that encourage fewer distractions breed engaged employees.

Many are stretched for time but when it comes to increasing your company’s financial potential, you will find the time for employee engagement programs. Reframe your business strategy to zero in on ways to engage employees so they are able to flourish as the valuable assets they are to your future successes.