South Africa: A Paradise Full of Potential

Posted On: February 21, 2017

South Africa is located at, you guessed it, the southern border of Africa. Like most countries in Africa, it has a rich and diverse history that has allowed this country to develop into a unique cultural experience. 

All the political, cultural, and historical movements throughout history have allowed South Africa to become the progressive and diverse country it is today. It boasts 11 national languages, and it is a melting pot of culture, history, beauty, and adventure. Let the team at Docherty Incentives & Meetings help plan a beautiful experience with a rewards trip to South Africa.

Top 10 reasons why South Africa is the Best Place to send employees:

1. Cape Town is Amazing: It has everything you need: Metropolitan nightlife, panoramic views, and a cultural hub where worlds collide.

2. A Sight for Sore Eyes: No matter where you travel, the views are breathtaking. From the mountains to two different oceans to wine country and more.

3. Where the Wild Things Are: South Africa has such a diverse group of wildlife. You can see penguins, whales, and animals on some of the most impressive safaris in Africa.

4. Food and Wine: Gorgeous vineyards dot the country, and you simply must check out the blossoming food scene and South African hospitality because chakalaka & pap (a vegetable and grits dish) might be new favorite fare.

5. History: Take a trip to Johannesburg to tour the Apartheid Museum and learn how the country—and the world—was affected by this time in the 20th Century where a system of segregation was instilled purely on grounds of race.

6. Adventure Time: Get out and participate in some of the exciting opportunities such as hiking, paragliding, shark diving, snorkeling, cave dives, and more.

7. Sunshine for Days: No, literally. The stunning beaches along the KwaZulu-Natal Coast have an average of over 300 sunny days each year. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to escape winter in the US?

8. Family Friendly: For those of you offering employee incentives, this could be a game changer. Instead of having someone watch their kids, this could be a unique trip where employees could bring their children along.

9. Budget Friendly: The currency exchange is definitely in favor of tourists, so we can optimize your entire trip without breaking your budget.

10. Team Building Opportunities: You can combine any of the experiences above with a chance to improve on how your employees work together.

South Africa offers a plethora of opportunities for your next rewards program trip or business meeting. With over 30 years of hand-crafting unique, meaningful getaways, the team at Docherty Incentives & Meetings has the knowledge you need. You can rest assured knowing the CEO personally travels to every destination and vets each place to ensure optimal quality.

Learn how our team can create a South African adventure that is beyond imagination.