Resolution Reboot

Posted On: June 30, 2015

We are six months into 2015…how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? With the sun at its most intense in June it is hard to go back and think about what it was like on that dark night in December before ringing in the New Year. In June, after the summer solstice where the longest days of light are slowly winding down, it is the perfect time to reboot resolutions you made six months ago or create brand new ones to finish the year strong.


One way to get clear about where you were in life and where you are at the present moment is to answer a few choice questions. These might help tap into the kind of person you are, whether you’re a go-getter, a dreamer, a doer, a helper, or any number of traits. Once you are clear about who you are, you can create more powerful resolutions.

Reflect on these questions:

  1. Where were you located in January 2015? Home, parent’s house, cabin in the woods, sunny beach, etc.
  2. What were your biggest triumphs when you looked back on 2014? Promotion, relationships, house projects, creative pursuits, financial acumen, etc.
  3. What was your largest obstacle of meeting your goals back then? Time, money, relationships, work, location, etc.
  4. What are you glad you left behind? Attitudes, thoughts, control, etc.
  5. What do you wish you’d done differently in January 2015? Called someone, learned to say no, kept a promise, took better care of [self, family, job, etc.], etc.


Guess what? You have an open opportunity to reboot those resolutions you made in January. There is always space to recommit to unachieved goals. The first six months of 2015 are behind us, they are over, history, in the past! But there is a gift of six more months…fully 184 more days you can rock 2015. Why wait? Capture the momentum of these long summer days and reboot your 2015 resolutions. 

Here are some easy ways to powerfully reboot resolutions:

  1. Buy the app: Sounds funny but if your resolution is about eating better or exercising more or getting organized in your work life (or organizing those 2,000 photos on your phone), buying an app to help you along is a small investment aimed at knocking out your goal.
  2. Take the plunge: Pay the money and sign-up for that race; buy tickets to that conference; purchase the gear you really need; register for the class; book the hotel. A physical commitment with a registration or a payment is an action step that can’t easily be undone…so do it!
  3. Rearrange the plan: When you answered those questions above what did you discover? Were there resolutions that were unrealistic, unmet, forgotten? Sometimes rearranging the plan can make a way for you to meet those goals. The plan might be your sleeping and waking schedule. Need to make room to workout: set your alarm. Want to be more productive at work: rearrange how you do lunch. Wish you were more available to your family: create space to make that happen.
  4. Share your secret: Okay, not really your secret, but share your resolution reboot with someone. It isn’t bragging, it is creating some accountability. Now when someone knows you are working on a film they might ask you about how it is coming…you’ll want to give a report, which can encourage you to continue to take action on it. Maybe your co-worker is privy to your goal of saying no to projects that max out your reserves at work. You could share your secret by tracking your progress in a public way on Facebook or a blog (want to add more greens to your plate? start blogging about your meals).
  5. Schedule rewards: Make a game for yourself with your resolution reboot. Maybe it can be that if you reach your goal you will take that vacation, buy that gadget, take a spa day, golf that course, indulge in what feels rewarding. We’re tempted to do these things anyway but to save a little something to reward us is a self-made motivation.

Get in touch with your resolve. Resolve is defined as firmness of purpose or intent. It is simply this: determination. In action it means following some course of action. Be firm in your resolution reboot. Choose to be purposeful in how you close out 2015 between July and December. Follow the course, be determined, share your plan, and then plan your reward.