Places We’re Loving Right Now

Posted On: May 28, 2015

So many places to explore…so little time! At Docherty we travel the world to find just the right destination for your travel incentive program taking into account time of year your program will operate, typical weather, budget and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Here are the places we’re loving right now for their incredibly rich locations as well as their affordability.


It is easy to fall in love with charming and colorful Dublin. The laid-back Irish capital is a harmonious blend of Victorian pubs, rows of elegant Georgian town houses in silvery stone, and glittering modern buildings. The Emerald Isle is a jewel of Europe abounding with rich history made all the more accessible by a welcoming culture. Dublin boasts beautiful historic buildings like the majestic Christ Church Cathedral, modern marvels like the Spire of Dublin and wonderful street sculptures like Molly Malone. One of the most walkable cities in Europe, Dublin also has more green spaces per square mile than any other European capital city. Tour the Guinness Storehouse, revisit haunts made famous by Ireland’s literary geniuses, grab a pint of the world’s best beer or visit castles, cathedrals and other medieval landmarks.

For group travel Ireland is an absolute steal. Pining for deep culture and wonder? Set your travel rewards on Ireland.


Berlin is like a well-kept secret. It is a very affordable destination with a variety of treasures to enjoy. There are historical relics alongside highly modern architecture. The street food and shopping is unique. There are museums that cover Germany’s vast history and must-see monuments like The Berlin Wall. Berlin’s nightlife is highly-charged but can be countered with visits to expansive, intricate gardens on the outskirts of the city.

Travel rewards recipients love the balanced and varied tours Docherty plans and the most intriguing hotels and restaurants we scout out on your behalf.


Nighttime in Krakow is pulsing with bustling pubs and dance houses. During the day walking tours of the old city bring an important perspective to this modern destination. Oskar Schindler’s factory, stunning cathedrals, a stained glass museum and historic salt mines are a few of the ways to appreciate this city. Polish cuisine is known for the combinations of delicate herbs and exotic spices. There is so much to love about Krakow—this ancient city situated on the Vistula River.

A travel incentive to visit Poland is a reward within a reward. Krakow is not overrun with tourists and yet caters to the needs of visitors. We’ve discovered absolute bounty in this city and your teams will agree, Krakow is a perfect way to get both relaxation and important history.

Docherty Incentives and Meetings is mindful that travel budgets for rewards programs or international meetings aren’t bottomless. A more conservative budget simply means we get to be more creative and you get our best trips based on your resources. Dublin, Berlin and Krakow are affordable destinations that have a huge return since these European cities offer both rich cultural experiences and opportunities for rest and relaxation—all without breaking the bank.