Nailing the Distributor Meeting

Posted On: October 12, 2015

There is lots of conversation and advice on how to run successful corporate meetings, sales meetings, global summits and other mission-critical meetings. But what about a significant part of your sales channel: your distributors. Distributors don’t often get the kind of attention they need so they (and you) can really boost numbers and move your business to the next level. 

Distributors, like any sales partners, are motivated by authentic rewards and recognition. We’re in the business of creating solutions to the challenges your company faces when it comes to success. One channel we focus on for you are your distributors. It isn’t enough to just mail t-shirts with your company logo to all your distributors—what we’re interested in are distinctly motivated partners. In order to inspire distributors, we’re sharing a few nuggets we know have power in the distributor ring.


Orchestrate a smart meeting which works towards everyone’s ultimate goal. Our meeting planners guide the meeting planning process from before the date is set to well after it is over so we can exceed your expectations. It looks like this:

  • full audience-immersion so we understand the demographic
  • fully-vetted objectives that align with the distributor’s goals
  • creation of BOLD goals 
  • thoughtful and informative invitation of attendees
  • recognition platform launch and maintenance


Plan how to reward top sellers during an in-person meeting. Top performers deserve rewards that go beyond a dollar sign or a monetary value. But even after the meeting is wrapped and your team is off selling, points can be accruing (and motivating) even after that all-important in-person meeting. We offer a points-based rewards program that can fit absolutely any budget.


Let’s face it: distributors are busy people. They’re working hard for your brand or product or service. In reality they probably aren’t exactly looking to be pulled from what they’re tasked to do in order to pay a lot of attention to a new program. They just want to sell. Offer programs in the easy, no-brainer-type category. We’re tuned in to the various needs of different distributor groups and part of our expertise means we can create recognition programs that are perfectly suited to the intended audience.

Pay attention to your distributors. Distributor meetings are wonderful places to focus a concerted effort in recognition and rewards programs. Capitalize on a distributor’s unique role in your channel and consider launching a program that actually motivates them which will boost your own success.