March 6 is National Employee Appreciation Day: 6 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

Posted On: February 20, 2015

Even though showing appreciation to your employees needs to be an ongoing practice, it is nice to have a day set aside as a reminder of all the many things your workforce does on your company’s behalf.

This year National Employee Appreciation Day lands on Friday, March 6 so we’ve gathered the top 6 ways to give the gift of gratitude to your hardworking staff.

  1. FOOD: Showing appreciation is as simple as the gift of food. Fancy chocolates are always good. An ice cream sundae bar with toppings brings a fun mood to an appreciation day. Donuts are an obvious choice but you can turn up the thoughtfulness with a pack of healthy options. Fancy olives, roasted nuts, dried fruits, a small set of spices, or delicate pastries. Consumable gifts are always well-received.
  2. GIFTS: A small gift is a symbolic token of gratitude and can be a constant reminder of your appreciation for an employee. You can do the catalog approach and let employees choose. Gift cards go a long way. Branded gear is good as long as it is useful.
  3. MONEY: Maybe you can’t manage huge Christmas bonuses to each of your hardworking employees, but cash is accepted anytime. Get creative with a cash gift to each person. Maybe it is the 60th anniversary of the company…three 20s aren’t bad in a thank you card. Or how about giving each person the number of dollars that equal your age…$56 bucks is nothing to sneeze at. Along with food, few people turn down cash.
  4. WORDS: They’re priceless. Consider setting aside time during the week leading up to March 6 to have one-on-one meetings with your employees or department group. Thanking someone in person about something specific they did or accomplished is memorable and leads to more engaged employees more so than a blanket email sent to a group saying, “Good job on the presentation. Thanks.” Personalizing gratitude for an individual demonstrates your appreciation. You can do this verbally or in writing.
  5. OPPORTUNITIES: One way to express appreciation for your workforce is offering them opportunities. Whether it is mentoring programs, special project assignments, funding education, gym membership or other benefits. Employee Appreciation Day is an excellent day to announce new opportunities for employees to advance themselves or their careers. Even offering the opportunity to someone to represent the company at a forum or sending them to seminars on behalf of the company. These and other opportunities show employees how grateful you are for their contribution.
  6. AUTHENTICITY: Authenticity means being genuine and real. It is a way of being that is sincere and free of pretense. This might be something you can do all the time for your employees, not just on March 6, 2015. Being genuine when you are learning to know the different personalities working for you goes a long way to creating an atmosphere of appreciation. Being authentic when you listen to stories or hear concerns, is important and translates to appreciation for the humanity and contribution of your employees.

With the holidays behind us planning a memorable National Employee Appreciation Day this March is a great boost while waiting for spring.