It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Holiday CSR Event (Psst…charitable events give year-end tax breaks)

Posted On: November 10, 2014

Picture this: 

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Thanksgiving is 17 days from now, Christmas is in mere weeks and all you have planned is a holiday party sure to have nothing but pigs-in-a-blanket and paperweights for each employee. The future is looking grim.

Now picture this: 

You have expertly decided to transform your holiday party into a holiday Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event thus becoming a company hero, all while bettering the lives of people the world over and getting a nice year-end tax break to boot. The future is looking great.

Party vs. Event: 

Parties are fun, you can relax and unwind but they also come with a cost—and not just to your budget. The excess that corporate holiday parties can generate is overwhelming not to mention completely unsustainable for the environment, for your employee morale and for your bottom line.

Spinning your holiday party into a social possibility allows the greatest number of people to realize what it means to give, receive, care and think beyond themselves.

Being committed to a program around CSR means your company will reap a plethora of benefits…so consider that a holiday CSR event can gift you these:

  • An ethical track record
  • Considerable profitability
  • Recognition for good works
  • A cleaner planet
  • An awareness of your environmental impact
  • Loyal employees
  • Grateful communities
  • Supportive partners
  • Bigger dreams
  • Deeper wells of compassion

If you’ve picked a place and a date for your holiday event (or even if you haven’t) there is absolutely still time to up the ante from eating and gifting to serving and giving. So many organizations, charities and programs are running low on resources; any and all types of giving truly make a difference.

CSR Event Ideas

Ideas to create and build a CSR holiday event are endless…here are a few to get you headed in the right direction (trust us…we do this all the time and we’re here to help create a meaningful event for your employees):

  • Are you based in New York but most of your sales team travels across the country? Get on a national bandwagon like Little Free Libraries and set-up a library-building workshop. You’d be surprised how many businesses are willing to donate supplies and materials so you can be as giving as possible.
  • Are you planning a destination celebration? Get in touch with the local issues of your destination and carve out time to serve the community your event will be impacting.
  • Are you part of the food industry? Contribute time and energy to a local food shelf, CSA farm or soup kitchen.
  • Do your services or products focus on children and youth? Consider focusing your CSR on the senior population in your area.
  • Tech company? Great. Then create your event around the use of digital tools like tablets and then donate those tablets to needy area schools post-event.
  • If your business takes place in an area with a threatened environment, focus your CSR on that community concern: clean the river, plant more trees.

It won’t take long before you have repositioned your company to a socially responsible one just by changing your holiday party to a holiday event. So now you can serve others and still enjoy those pigs-in-a-blanket: everyone wins! (Did we mention you’ll get a year-end tax break?)