Is the Media a Traveler’s Enemy?

Posted On: June 4, 2015

Don’t let the news of unrest deter you from planning travel rewards for your top achievers.  Often a news story gets inflated and coverage is very narrowly focused to the minutia of an event, which doesn’t tell the whole story of a place. What it means is that not every place is hands-down horrible. In fact our earth is full of beautiful, welcoming, safe havens. The news will always be there…and mostly it will be there to cover destruction, disasters and pain. Now more than ever you can obtain and read news at an alarming rate…Twitter offers news bites just moments from the break. Because of the harried and hurried way news needs to disseminate across media outlets, anything that bleeds leads…and can lead astray. Since news of disaster and upset will always lead, the view we get of our world can be dark and terribly skewed. 

The adage that “you will find what you are looking for” could not be more apt when applied to use of the Internet. If you have a bent, if you have a fear, if you have a worry, if you have a hope…you will find likeminded authors, articles, reports, comments, people, associations, organizations and companies online. Go looking and you’ll find what you’re looking for. In the world of booking destination travel for top performers, this kind of approach can be a huge burden while planning this kind of incentive—even a deterrent from global travel in the first place.

This is all to say, if you are afraid of reports of unrest and you go looking to confirm those worries, you will get that confirmation. Now, if you are seeking destinations to offer your team adventures, peace, excitement, good food, beautiful sunsets, old world flavor, high-paced energy and more in destinations around the world…you will find what you are looking for as well.

We recommend a balanced, intelligent approach to planning and booking travel incentive rewards. Here are our tips for how to gather information for the destination of you next rewards package:

People in Real Life

Looking to send a group to an unknown culture? Find someone who has lived there or is from there. Learning about Dubai from someone of the United Arab Emirates or someone who has lived there is so much more valuable than trying to understand a culture from a website.  Not only can they give you firsthand cultural insights, but they will bring a flavor to your travel conversation that isn’t easily replicated online. Then you can confidently share your rewards travel program with your company’s top performers.

Consider the Source

It has been said other places but it is worth saying again: consider the source of online information. Finding reputable sources of information is key to a balanced view of a place. If you can’t find the writer of an article or review, chances are they’re less than reliable.

Comments Lack Authority

If a website your in-house planner is visiting to learn more about a foreign destination has a comments section, be very wary of those online rabbit holes. Reviewers and commenters are not experts and their words should not be considered authoritative in the least.

Be Discerning

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If something sounds horribly misleading, it probably is. A smart approach to discerning information you’re collecting about a place to send your top achievers is contextualizing it. Some questions to ask: What is the background and experience of the author? If there is a troubled background or no available background, leave. What is the purpose of the website? If it is to sell a tour or distract from a place, put on your filters to eliminate the noise. Who is the intended audience? If groups or individuals from your company are not it, it is probably time to head somewhere else.

The media has an angle and they’re not aiming to influence travelers seeking vacation (if they were, all the news would be sugar-coated!). Consider the possibility that stories of unrest in places worldwide are unfortunately blanketing the truly wonderful parts of our planet. Instead of letting the media dictate the idea of a place, book travel rewards with an intelligent, balanced approach. One of the most reliable companies for rewards travel planning that will steer you in the right direction is Docherty Incentives & Meetings. We have our finger on the pulse of some of the most unique destinations around the globe.

Plan your travel incentive program with Docherty…then be confident in the travel reward your employees have earned and send them off to enjoy our world!