Posted On: March 20, 2017

You are so happy right now. Why? Because you get to hear all sorts of great info from the kind, smart, hilarious Account Executive of Docherty: Nigel Millar. He’s not from around here and he’s just a friend you haven’t met yet!

When did you realize that working in the travel incentive industry was your passion? I was smitten on the very first day of my very first trip. I was working retail and Pete Docherty asked me if I had any vacation time and whether I would like to go to Tobago in the West Indies - I did and I have been hooked ever since.

What is your title and what does a typical day/week/month look like for you? Account Executive. I cannot tell you anything more in case my boss reads this. In truth, I don't believe that I have a typical day, week or month; suffice to say that I am continually learning about new opportunities with a destination or even a client.  I am privileged at Docherty in that they allow me to control every facet of the sale from engaging our clients and developing proposals to site inspection through to contract.

What is the biggest challenge of your job? Convincing my employer that what I do is actually work, I just make it look easy. have such a cool accent...where are you from? Aargh, I have to tell the truth? I was born in England but raised in Scotland - I claim that I am Scottish and love the country dearly.

You travel for Docherty, right? What is one destination you're always excited to return to and why? Ireland…I love the Irish and who doesn't want to stay in a castle?

What is your secret to getting through long flights? The allure and my excitement for the destination that I am travelling to make the time zip by…that and the fact that I only travel first class in my custom jet.

Food is an enticing part of world travel...what is a meal or a dish or a dessert (or all of the above!) that you will never forget? Crème Brulee because it varies so much. Chefs mess around with it when the best ones, in my opinion, are simple. I love good crusty bread and all cheeses from everywhere.

When you're not traveling, what does the perfect weekend look like for you? 1lb of bacon, a baguette with no preservatives, ½lb Irish butter, numerous cups of tea, several soccer games from the EPL, walking the dogs, tending my vegetable garden and fruit trees and any time with my sweetheart…oh and I had better include the kids otherwise I'll be accused of being an Ogre.

What is one item you've picked up during your globetrotting that is a special treasure to you? Terracotta Warrior from Xian, China.

How do you know a destination is a good place to travel? In other words, what do you assess first? The people? The scenery? The food? The cost? First and foremost, the appeal of the destination and whether or not we think clients will be aware of the destination and share our zeal.

Any tips for overcoming language barriers? There are no language barriers in the hospitality industry. None that I understand anyway! Seriously, English is so widely spoken throughout all tourist related areas that rarely is there a concern. That said, I did have an occasion in Istanbul where I was on my own and using public transportation and the driver had no English and I had no Turkish but we got by with a map, hand signals and some money.

You must be an expert packer by you need to make packing lists or can you pack and leave in 30 minutes and remember everything? I do make a packing list, purely because I am detailed, but yes, I could pack in 30 minutes (and I have) and be pretty much complete.

That being said...if you could only bring 5 things with you on an international trip besides the clothes on your back, what 5 things would you bring? I only need four things - Passport, Visa Credit Card, my sweetheart and a smartphone.

In your opinion and experience in 2016...

...where can the best wine be found? You define the best wine and I'll advise where to find it.

...what was the most relaxing location you visited? Los Cabos, Mexico.

So many people have world destinations on their bucket you? Are there places you want to visit but haven't, yet? Yes. I'd like to visit Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina and sail through the Magellan Strait. Also, Peru, Bolivia, Lebanon and a few more places in the Middle East.