Ideas for Great Sales Meetings

Posted On: September 9, 2015

You are in demand. You are busy, but in a good way. Among the many tasks that come across your desk is organizing the next sales meeting for your sales force. Don’t let another sales meeting go by without making it great. Your future depends on it.

Too many times, the notification that a sales meeting has been scheduled is met with a look of annoyance (if not total despair) by your sales team. Sales meetings on the calendar are not known for rocketing people into a happy dance. You may never know the exact responses of your sales crew but with our help you can plan a memorable gathering with these five great sales meeting ideas.

Sales Meeting Idea #1: Mix-Up the Media

Everyone knows learning styles vary from person to person. To ensure the information you need to share with your team is really getting through, offer it up in different ways:

  1. Hire a local sports hero, news anchor, author, guest speaker, expert or industry professional to introduce a new sales tactic.
  2. Create a video montage to highlight different aspects of a new product or service—Dunder Mifflin created one that was unforgettable.
  3. Instead of paper handouts, arm your team with more useful sales tools like handy info guides that highlight features and benefits but don’t overdo the content.
  4. Engage your crowd where they spend their downtime: on their phones and tablets. Take advantage of a meeting app that can prep, help and survey your employees before during and after your sales meeting.

Sales Meeting Idea #2: Get Classy with Entertainment

Sales professionals expect a sales meeting to be engaging and entertaining: sporting events, special tours, concerts, etc. Some big-ticket events are fun and certainly entertaining but when you’re planning an annual sales meeting, get noted for the classy way you choose to entertain your crew. If done well, the entertainment could also serve as a valuable teambuilding opportunity.

  1. Organize a day at a Formula One racecourse with opportunities for your team to ride shotgun with a professional driver.
  2. Visit an improv comedy club and watch your team get involved with professional sketch comedy—everyone can blow off steam, connect as a group and be entertained all in one setting.

Sales Meeting Idea #3: Get Real About Time

There is nothing more tempting for a sales manager than capturing their crew in one place to unload all of their wisdom in one go round. There will always be so much to share, more to know, new things to get across. In reality, your salespeople will probably chalk-up time spent at a sales meeting as a huge waste—they’ll rationalize their displeasure by saying, “I could have been selling instead of sitting in that meeting!” So, here’s what to do:

  1. Be concise. It may take more time to do this, but prepare your next great sales meeting by carefully and intentionally plotting precisely what you need to impart…and nothing more. No one can remember hours and hours of new information.
  2. Be respectful. Create an itinerary and then stick to it. Know that each minute beyond an allotted time quickly disintegrates any motivation you may have built up in your team up until that point.
  3. Don’t be afraid of blank spaces. One powerful tool when planning is making space for the unknown. Sometimes unscheduled time can foster great new ideas. Your sales crew can connect with one another and ideas can grow if given enough space.

Sales Meeting Idea #4: Be silent. And Listen.

It might seem counterintuitive but in reality an internal sales meeting should have a balance of new information and motivation as well as a place for team members to ask questions and share openly. The only safe place to create a nurturing place for sales teams to talk is if you, as the sales manager, are silent. And listening. Here are ways to start this important strategy:

  1. Provide the itinerary well in advance of the meeting with obvious open sharing and Q&A times included. This will give sales people time to consider what they might want to bring up in this forum-like setting.
  2. Ask your sales team what pressing issues they’d like to cover in a Q&A session. A meeting app is an ideal way to capture real time, anonymous feedback. Consider surveying both before and during the meeting so you can get at the pulse of the most important challenges facing your team.

Sales Meeting Idea #5: Celebrate Successes with Flair

Motivate people with recognition among their peers. Recognizing hard work is vital to the ongoing success of a sales team. Absolutely avoid prickly subjects like lost customers or an individual’s unreached benchmark—those conversations are better one-on-one. Incentives and rewards are always motivating—the science behind engagement is real. But receiving rewards and recognition in a vacuum isn’t as powerful as being noted in a public way.

  1. Present awards at a sales meeting that usually get sent in the mail.
  2. Get creative with how people are rewarded: maybe a surprise trip, perhaps tickets to a game, maybe a new grill or TV.

Sales meetings should not be a bore or tedious. Plan a great sales meeting by doing the unexpected: creating an event people can’t wait to attend. Let Docherty Incentives & Meetings plan a memorable, powerful event with the right kind of balance needed to have an effective and impactful sales meeting.