How to Transition Back to Work After a Travel Incentive Trip

Posted On: November 10, 2017

Travel incentives are one of the best ways to both show appreciation to your employees or customer groups and motivate them to continue their exceptional work ethic and loyalty to your brand.

Let’s get clear about making a positive and smooth transition back to work after a reward trip and be reminded of the benefits of travel incentives for you and your employees or customer group in the first place.

Benefits of Travel Incentives:

  • Detailed Itinerary: Every detail from the moment your charges arrive to the moment they return is completely taken care of. All will be organized, planned and each service arranged for the convenience of all parties. What detailed itineraries provide is calm, assurance and the all-important feeling of being honored. You are honoring your employees with a travel incentive…that can feel like being treated like royalty and that feeling inspires loyalty.
  • Stress Free Management and Planning: We may as well be called a Stress-Relieving company because much of the detailed plans we create for our clients are all about removing stress from your plate: “Keep calm and let Docherty handle it.” We can customize event websites, create mobile apps for your group and handle all the account management throughout your team’s entire time away. Rest assured that every location, hotel, and detail is carefully approved by our CEO. When your brain doesn’t have to be filled with all the details because we’re handling it, you get to focus energy on your team, your business, your goals.
  • Team Building Activities: Docherty will research your ideal destination and find unique programs aimed to strengthen employee and customer relationships as well as creative problem solving.

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Tips to Transition Back to Reality:

So you or your team have taken time to indulge in travel, learn new things, try delicious foods, relax on a beach, take an incredible tour of a historic location or just be. But then there’s the flight home, the unpacking, the laundry, the back-to-normal living, the calendar, the social media, the back-to-work. These are tips you can pass on to your employees after you welcome them back from an incentive trip.

  • Arrive Early: Get back to your desk promptly if not earlier than normal after being away. This will give you some time to decompress and feel less stressed about being back at work.
  • Organize The Desk: Make sure to organize your desk and work space before you leave so it’s one less thing to worry about when you return. Once you return take a breather and look at your space. Set some timers to tackle nonessential emails (15 minutes for promotional emails, 15 minutes to delete and clear the trash) and clear the way for focused work time.
  • Remember to Sleep: Whether you have jet leg or a busy day, go home and sleep! Seriously, it will help reset your system. Stretch out that wonderful trip feeling and hit the sack early the night before you go back to work.
  • Be Realistic With Your Goals: It’s hard to switch gears right away, so don’t schedule stressful meetings your first day back, and try to not get bogged down by emails. Plot an ideal week for yourself upon your return to work. Would it be space to put your head down and work or would it include catch-up meetings with co-workers or power lunches with clients?
  • Treat Yourself: Don’t go back to work and start a diet the same day. If you have been eating delicious food and doing fun things while away, try and incorporate a bit of that once you've returned home to ease into “real life” again.

Remember that the power of travel incentives as a motivation for your employees is often most energetic after they return from their rewards trip. Being a recipient of a travel incentive has future motivations. Returning to work after a memorable destination trip motivates employees to work hard, if not harder, to qualify again. The effects of travel incentives are long-term and the ROI’s can be quickly realized.

For more than 30 years, Docherty Incentives & Meetings has been a full-service Incentive Marketing and Event Management company specializing in creating unique and memorable group travel incentives and rewards programs for your customers or employees. Docherty cares about your teams and ensures their travel rewards will be wonderful, meaningful experiences from the moment of booking until they return to work.

Travel. Work. Travel.

Don’t struggle to get back into the mindset of work. Contact Docherty Incentives & Meetings today to help create detailed travel incentives and then follow our tips to learn how to transition you or your team back to work in a smooth manner.

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