Hotel Highlight: InterContinental in Fiji

Posted On: June 10, 2015

We love our jobs. Not just because we travel the world to some of the most fascinating, luxurious, intriguing locations on earth. We love finding unique and beautiful accommodations just for you. We love creating a travel incentive that transforms lives, brings respite and builds memories. When we plan a rewards travel program we’re careful about each step of the process for your recipients. From helping travel rewards winners with tips on how best to pack for their trip to advice about accommodations and food to entertainment and activities. 

We’re thinking about their experiences at each moment of a travel plan to ensure your employees are getting rewarded in a grand way. Highlighting excellent service from vendors worldwide is one of our favorite ways to showcase the options you have available for your employee recognition and rewards programs.

Recently we visited Fiji. Yes, Fiji, that enchanting island in the South Pacific. If you want year-round warm weather, Fiji is the place to be (though it does cool to a chilly 72F in what can only be described as the best weather, ever). There are blue lagoons, white sand beaches lined with palm trees and opportunities to soak in sunshine, lots of rest, rounds of golf and spa treatments.

We checked out the InterContinental Golf Resort and Spa for you and it is luxurious. This little corner of paradise is on Fiji’s main island called Viti Levu. It is home to breathtaking Pacific Ocean sunsets every evening of the year. You can snorkel in rolling surf just steps from the resort. They boast an 18-hole golf course with gorgeous greens. Yes, there are pools, too, and amenities that go beyond what you’d imagine. The food was excellent. The views were lovely.

The sense we got on Fiji is of time being suspended. You can relax there and get some distance from a fast-paced work environment—it is just what any committed, hard-working employee would appreciate. InterContinental in Fiji is the kind of place where someone can really relax into the many deeply restful places this resort provides guests. They have carefully and thoughtfully planned the experiences for their visitors.

Beyond the luxurious location and the amazing amenities, we were impressed with their focus on their local community. For groups there are ways to contribute to the building up of the beautiful marine life surrounding the island like coral planting. There are opportunities for boosting the grade schools with murals or repair work.

Activities that bring visitors into the heart of a local community are the sorts of globally minded, locally fueled accommodations we seek for our clients. Fiji’s InterContinental Golf Resort and Spa was the ideal location for our latest group program. Rewards recipients were able to seek respite on their own and also come together for the activities we planned and the program we directed.

It was successful because the pillars of our program were all in place: guests were treated to world-class accommodations, the location was beyond the imagination, and memories were created for a lifetime.