Get Away and Get Ahead: Productivity, Simplified

Posted On: October 17, 2014

When seeking to enhance productivity at work the first thing that comes to mind is probably not: take a break from work. There is likely tickertape wending through your mind with thoughts from the impatient shoulder angel checking his watch and saying:

Be more productive…come on, do you really need that vacation?

Be more productive…come on, are you sure a virtual meeting is really necessary?

Be more productive…come on, stay awake…didn’t you already sleep last night?

Be more productive…come on, does calm, relaxed breathing really close sales?


On last count there were approximately two million Google results of slick ideas for how to be more productive as a human being. So many tips, so many insider sneak peeks from conducting sales pitches to managing the control center of your house. The checklists and bullet points are gargantuan including being more efficient with your elevator speech, staying organized beyond the capacity of a non-robot entity and meditating for as many hours as you’d like to be productive.

(Makes you want to just give up, doesn’t it?)

But, wait…try this on for size: get away and get ahead. No, really, go.  Get away from the hamster wheel of the everyday and experience bounding and leaping ahead of your competition, beyond your goals, and into a new realm of possibility. Someone said once (maybe it was your great uncle?) that stepping away from a monumental task gives you perspective on that very task. Just gives it to you…for free. Perspective cannot be bought or sold or packaged in a funky container, but it can be a wealth of information therefore it is invaluable. But to reap the benefits of said treasure you absolutely must get away from it and do so with intentionality so you can return with vitality and purpose.

The single best way for a company, organization or team to ensure they get their full dose of game-changing perspective is to plan a corporate meeting, sales event or other face-to-face gathering. It sounds nearly counterintuitive that to increase productivity in a group of people is to very directly request them to stop for a perspective-building weekend. But, hear us out…

4 Reasons Face-to-Face is Preferred:


Not everyone communicates best writing email and connecting via virtual approaches. Create a space for every learner to expand their mode of empowered communication with guided, intentional gatherings away from the everyday. Do this and you will tap into the internal sleeping giant on your team who can be the key to maximizing productivity.


One of the fringe benefits of gathering with co-workers away from work in order to boost productivity upon the return, is the Trust Train pulls into the station. Creative, beautiful gathering places with guided activities and measurable results create an atmosphere of trust. When trust is built and nurtured among groups way from the workplace it acts as a foundation when back at work. You can’t know whether a person cringes on a conference call. Being face-to-face makes space for everyone to board the Trust Train.


Corporate meetings are meant to open opportunities for expanded thinking, energizing conversations and establishing goals. And, when they take place in gorgeous, luxurious surroundings so much the better. Truly resting between intellectual calisthenics primes the brain pump (as it were) for high levels of productivity later. Everyone needs a respite from the usual, but not many people invest the time to ensure that happens in their personal life. A business, group, team or company that plans a meeting in a location of respite has got the golden ticket to enhancing productivity.


We hesitated to use a buzzword, but the truth is this: face-to-face gatherings just get. stuff. done. They are wildly more efficient than slogging around for years until groups, leaders or staff get to really know one another. Do not wait around for people to catch-up. A face-to-face offsite gathering speeds up desired outcomes, opens up avenues for new thinking and is generally understood as more efficient.

Some face-to-face encounters are not ultimately vital in life anymore (like buying books or refilling prescriptions) along with a myriad other actions that don’t breakdown the social makeup of our communities.

But there are face-to-face activities that, if avoided, cannot be remedied with an app or a click of a mouse button. One such in-person opportunity can boost the productivity of a business: staff retreats and business meetings.

Get away and get ahead, it really is that simple.