CSR in the Summer // Bring Your Wrench

Posted On: June 18, 2015

Awhile back we reminded you it is never too late to organize a Corporate Social Responsibility event (or a CSR) for your company. The drive to give is felt most heavily between the holidays starting in November. Even though this is the season organizations are inundated with willing volunteers, giving any time will benefit both the recipient and the giver. 

Because so many companies give, volunteer and plan CSR events in the winter months, organizations feel the drought of volunteers in the summer. Summer is an excellent time to focus energy on work that has you outside and helping kids.

Most school renovations are planned in the summer when kids are off for summer break. Playgrounds are erected, rooms get new coats of paint, the long list of repairs and fixes get checked off, classrooms are rearranged, deep cleaning and many other projects are planned for summer months. Organize around where the highest need is at the time of your event.

Because the school year means children are attended to during the days where they are busy at school, sometimes the summer can mean children are idle. Build-a-Bike is a charity event that combines group team building for your employees and donates bikes to children in need right in your own community. There is no better time than the summer to engage in charity work that help children in need.

Everyone wins.

People often ask: wouldn’t it be easier to just run to Target and buy a bunch of bikes, hand them out to kids in the inner city and then go out for lunch to celebrate your good deeds? Yes and no. It might seem easier but what won’t be easy is creating other opportunities for your staff to collaborate on something outside their usual work assignments. Throwing money at something makes it harder to get in touch with the real issues affecting your community. Doing something physical like painting a classroom or building bicycles opens up ways to connect and do good things for your community in meaningful, life-changing ways. You and your employees win when you give them the chance to give.

That is the ticket: getting the chance to give. So many things call for our attention: family, work, eating, sleeping, exercise, social media, travel. Very few individuals specifically carve out time to give or volunteer. A company that can provide those opportunities for their employees is one step ahead since what is gained from giving is priceless.

If you engage your employees in a CSR event like Build-a-Bike the benefits outweigh any supposed lost work time:

  • needy children in your community get a bike!
  • employees work together for a product or service intended for others
  • employees learn about teamwork in an environment that is not competitive
  • children in your community get to witness people working together for change
  • employees get to practice new roles like leader, organizer, mechanic and presenter that they may not get to practice in their positions at work.
  • you get the benefit of employees returning to work with a sense of accomplishment, collaboration and purpose. In short you get: engaged employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a trend, it is a necessity for a business and workforce to thrive. Any volunteer event that refocuses your employees on giving has the recipient, the giver and the business reaping profound benefits. If you need guidance for creating a meaningful CSR event, Docherty Incentives and Meetings specialize in planning meetings and events around the globe.