Corporate Travel Incentive Company in Minnesota

Posted On: June 23, 2015

When human resources directors, CEOs or even our friends ask us what we do, we’re delighted to share the passion we have as an incentive travel company in Minnesota. 

We provide a multitude of innovative solutions to forward your business, expand your reach and engage your employees. Yes, we send top performers to exotic destinations filled with opportunities for rest, relaxing and team-building. But there is so much more that goes into getting people to those rewards locations. It takes smart planning well in advance of when your top performers board the plane to experience their hard-earned travel incentive.

Our corporate incentive travel programs are diverse and unique. Nothing is off-the-shelf. In fact, we tailor each of our client’s incentive travel programs to meet their unique goals and desired outcomes for their staff. In this way Docherty is unparalleled among corporate incentive travel companies in Minnesota. We work closely with each program we create to see our clients through from inception to completion.

Because incentive travel is such a powerful tool of motivation for top achievers we have services that anticipate and then go beyond expectations. A peek into some of our offerings shows you just how critical our expertise is to drive the desired behaviors of your employees:

  • Global destination knowledge
  • Hotel sourcing and contracting
  • End-to-end program planning
  • Dedicated account management
  • In-house air ticketing and travel management by Certified ARC Specialist
  • Branded program websites with online registration
  • Mobile applications
  • Creative program communications
  • Team building
  • Awards and room gifts
  • ROI/ROE analysis

Finding a corporate incentive travel company in Minnesota just got easy with Docherty. But don’t take our word for it. Recently a VP of Sales at a booming flooring company had this to say, “Travel incentive programs are offered throughout our industry. This means we need to go the extra mile and Docherty helps us deliver. The question I hear most often at the end of a trip is ‘How will you top this next year?’ I always have the pleasure of replying, ‘Easy, we have Docherty working for us!’”

Let’s get started!