Beyond Employee Appreciation Day

Posted On: April 11, 2017

Just like a well-oiled machine wouldn’t function without every piece in place, your business would not be able to function the same without the hard-working people who make up your team. This is the precise reason it’s important to allot time to recognize and reward your employees with the ever-popular Employee Appreciation Day. />  

But what happens after that holiday has come and gone? Acknowledging employees is a year-round effort and some would even argue a daily requirement. Let our team at Docherty Incentives & Meetings help you say thanks year-round to your team with our travel incentives and rewards programs.

The Roots of Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day was started by a group known as Recognition Professionals International (RPI). They realized training new team members was costly, and it was actually more beneficial to concentrate on boosting current employees’ overall morale than working on all the training due to constant turnover in employment.

This later grew to an annual non-official holiday celebrated every year in the US on the first Friday in March, and it is an opportunity to show your employees your appreciation while recognizing how hard it is to find good, quality people to staff the business goals you have for your company. At Docherty we’re committed to ensuring your employees know they’re appreciated more than just one day each year.

Employee Happiness is Good Business

Donna Inch, a chairperson and CEO of Ford Motor Land Development Corporation, understands the importance of creating a space and environment where employees genuinely want to be and work and spend their time. Ford is currently revitalizing their Dearborn facility with the overarching goal of making “the lives of employees better.” This is a perfect example of a large-scale reward and acknowledgment to maintain and strengthen the relationship between employer and employee.

While revitalizing and upending the physical surroundings of your business and workspace in the name of incentivizing your employees may be beyond your reach, there are powerful and intelligent ways to recognize and reward your staff that can be shaped with your individual budget in mind. Ongoing incentive programs from Docherty work to send the consistent message to employees that they are valued and you are grateful.

Why Travel Incentives?

One of the best ways to show appreciation to your hard-working employees is with travel incentives. What better goal to motivate than the prospect of meetings, seminars, or personal vacations in new and exciting places?

Benefits of Travel Incentives from Docherty

  • Thorough Planning: Every hotel, activity, and destination has been personally vetted by the Docherty team.
  • Detailed Management: We plan for every detail from the start of your program to the finish so you can focus on other pressing things for your business.
  • Spectacular Destinations: Allow your employees to explore new places like Peru, Ireland, South Africa and more astounding destinations on this earth they might not visit otherwise.
  • Team Building Opportunities: Every location we send a team to has unique opportunities for teambuilding, volunteering and most importantly: relationship and morale building for your team.

Begin a Pattern of Recognizing Employees

Let our team create incentive programs designed specifically for your hardworking employees and their unique requirements for acknowledgement. Call us (763) 550-1557 or email today.

Rewards and recognition are the concrete, proven ways to create a team of people who are loyal, happy and know they are valued.