Benefits of Third-party Incentive Travel Companies versus In-House Planners

Posted On: May 15, 2015

Third-party incentive travel companies offer a host of benefits to businesses and organizations seeking superior experiences for events, meetings and travel rewards for their employees. Their expertise does not negate the importance or the role of an in-house planner but instead travel incentive companies complement in-house efforts and work. 

Where travel incentive companies have vital industry knowledge, an in-house planner has vital, in-house knowledge of a company. When these two forces come together, the experiences of the employees receiving the travel reward or attending an event is especially and critically heightened.

With a positive travel incentive experience an employee will likely return to their work with a positive outlook for their employer. This is just the kind of full-circle outcome third-party incentive travel companies should aim to achieve.  An in-house planner may not have that kind of end-goal in mind or may not have the time to focus on big picture outcomes when they’re overworked and mired in the details.

This is where the benefits of a third-party travel incentive company are so rich with advantages to your company.

1. Industry Authorities

Travel incentive companies create event and travel rewards day in and day out. It is their focus and their expertise. In-house planners are pulled in so many directions they don’t have the time to become the industry authorities necessary to carefully plan a remarkable travel rewards program for their company.

An authority in any industry has earned their status and title from years and years of successes and singular focus on being leaders in their category. In the world of travel incentive companies their authority comes from expertly planning and executing rewards platforms time and time again. Employees are inspired, and businesses capture more productivity from their workforce post-travel. These kinds of measurable results are achieved with countless superbly planned travel programs.

2. Efficiency Experts  

Want to get a travel reward program completed in less time and with the highest efficiency? Hire a third-party travel incentive company. Because they are focused on these rewards programs as their singular endeavor, their efficiency is unsurpassed. An internal event and travel planner has enough on their plate and bringing in a team adept at time management won’t hinder their work—it will enhance it.

An incentive company coming onboard allows planners to cast their net more broadly and cover in-house necessities an outsider couldn’t. The two can run on parallel paths reaching the same destination having been both highly productive and efficient. Everyone wins—especially of note is the in-house planner who will get to invest time and energy on items that would otherwise be ignored if they were only focusing on a travel rewards program.

3. Network Heroes

One thing an in-house planner won’t necessarily have the capacity to garner are all the connections an event and meeting planning company does have. Travel incentive companies have connections and they use them to your advantage. They’ve traveled the world, tested destinations, gathered insights about best deals, best restaurants, best travel times, best cultural experiences, best anything.

Hiring a third-party incentive company gets you access to their deep reservoir of networks and experiences. These companies are in touch with the latest and most sought-after destinations and amenities that in-house planners just can’t access. Choosing a network hero will make a company planner the new in-house hero because the resulting travel recipients will be well cared for on their trips.

4. Truly Economical

On the outset hiring a travel incentive company seems like a huge investment but in terms of the return on that investment it is a better bet than going only with an internal planner. Incentive companies are in the rewards program sector all the time and can easily compare various platforms, location deals and the going rates in the hospitality industry. They are equipped to find the best deals and curate a rewards trip based on budget.

An internal planner spends an exorbitant amount of time managing just a single travel reward program. Every piece from negotiating contracts, hunting for the best deals or trying to build a relationship with a vendor they’ll only be in touch with briefly hardly seems worth the huge expense of time and resources. Instead you could pull in the experts and start really spending money wisely.

Internal planners are valuable, external travel incentive companies are savvy. Combined, these two can create a rewards platform for your company that is exceptional. Discover how Docherty can usher your company into a powerful rewards platform.