Barbados for Business: Fresh Waters Bring a Fresh Perspective

Posted On: May 15, 2017

You already know there’s no better place to have a meeting than outside of the office. And when that place offers beauty, relaxation and adventure, it is impossible not to pay attention and thrive with every experience. So get to know your next meeting destination: Barbados.

Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. So yes, everything you associate with the Caribbean will be found in Barbados: warmth, a majestic clear ocean, powdery sand and carefree attitudes. While these are traits people have come to expect from the Caribbean, Barbados is still unique and often referred to as the island that has it all.

Aside from its pink sands at sunrise and magical aqua bays, it is the only coral island in the region with all white sand beaches. Barbados is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site which means it has special cultural and physical significance.

Your Team in Barbados: Soaking up Sun and History

Barbados has a rich and interesting history. The Amerindians and Arawak people of South America originally inhabited it. In 1627, it became a permanent English and later British settlement. In 1966, Barbados became an independent state and Commonwealth realm.

Although most of its population is Afro-Caribbean, people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions have settled on the island throughout the years. Today, it is widely recognized for its cultural diversity. It is also noted for the historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

In 2011, UNESCO inscribed it as one of its new sites as an example of renowned British colonial architecture. The old town is well preserved and historically relevant as a direct tie to what was once Great Britain’s Atlantic colonial empire. When you visit Barbados as a team, you essentially travel through history and get to experience an ethnic mosaic. You will learn and grow together, which makes for unforgettable team-bonding experiences.

Of course, Barbados is not all history and beaches (although it boasts one of the top 10 beaches in the world). While your team is there, here’s a list of top 10 bests we can offer:        

  1. Harrison’s Cave: This crystallized, limestone cave is especially beautiful at nighttime.
  2. Bathsheba Beach: Located on the west side of Barbados (called the Platinum Coast) Bathsheba is best for surfing and snapping endless photos of one of the world’s most picturesque settings.
  3. Mount Gay tour: This is where rum began in Barbados. We can send your team on a tour to learn about rum making and rum drinking.
  4. Walking tour of Bridgetown: This is an obvious one to learn more about Barbados history and take in the opulent architecture.
  5. The Garrison: A military base home to more architectural splendor.
  6. Andromeda Botanic Gardens or Hunte's Garden: Barbados is dotted with green, lush gardens. We can book your group to take in the beauty of exotic plant species and horticultural magic.
  7. Baobab Tree: This is one of the largest trees on the island and will take about 15 of your team members to stretch their arms around it. Give it a try!
  8. Sunbury Plantation House: Get more colonial history and a tour of some of the remaining Great Houses.
  9. Swim with the turtles: Two of the rarest sea turtles can be found in Barbados: Hawksbill and the Leatherback. Go say hello!
  10. Take a catamaran trip: We can send your group to visit shipwrecks or scuba dive to see the wonders of the Barbados underwater world.

The Docherty Incentives & Meetings team attempts to travel to every destination and inspects local venues so each detail of your program is carefully vetted. We want to know about the culture, history and landscape so nothing feels bland and mundane.

Docherty dives deep into destinations making sure everything is carefully planned. We only want your team to have the very best in travel experiences from flights and hotel stays to adventures and meals so that you can up morale and achieve business goals. Call us today to get started. Let us show your team the very best of Barbados.