Antigua: A Beach for Every Meeting

Posted On: June 19, 2017

Why make Antigua your next annual meeting destination? It has a rich history and noteworthy historic sites, a fantastically delicious cuisine, and a vibrant cultural energy that is palpable throughout the island. 

Antigua has a beach for every day of the year (literally 365 beaches!). Whether you’re looking to send your team on an underwater exploration of the ocean or reward them with the gift of seeing crystalline blue waters every morning, Antigua has got your employees covered.

Antigua lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and like most islands in the Caribbean, its culture is greatly influenced by African tradition. Most of its residents are descendants of African slaves who have preserved African languages and dialects as well as music, customs and celebrations like Carnival. Because of its colonial past, you can find historic forts and the famous English Harbour, where salty boats and impressive yachts are moored in the water. There are so many things to do and see and experience in Antigua that a top 10 list may not be enough to satiate your team, but it’ll at least get you thinking about why it should be on your list for the next best sales meeting or rewards trip.

Top 10, Antigua “Must List”

1. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park: In the beautiful English Harbour, your team will come across a naval dockyard to remind everyone of the British Naval fleet that ruled the seas during the Napoleonic Wars.

2. Shirley Heights: If it is possible to tire of beach time, we can take your team to Shirley Heights. They can go for a hike and take in the panorama (located approximately 492 feet above sea level) which affords views of the southern island of Guadeloupe and the active volcano, Montserrat.

3. Devil’s Bridge: Perfect to witness millions of years of the earth’s formation, a natural limestone arch will surely impress your group.

4. St. John’s Saturday Market: Forget duty-free and instead Docherty can show your staff the Saturday market that supports local vendors from all parts of the island who come to sell a wide variety of artisan goods. 

5. Betty’s Hope: We can book tours of the first and largest sugar plantation that will take your group back in time to Antigua’s British colonial history.

6. Galley Bay Beach: Ideal for surfing and spotting sea turtles.

7. Stingray City: A perfect place for an adventure, groups can visit shallow waters with a tropical reef where hundreds of friendly southern stingrays glide through the crystal-clear waters waiting to be fed by visitors.

8. St. John’s: Your meeting participants can visit the city’s capital and cruise ship port to check out multi-colored cottages and market stalls full of exotic fruits and flowers. Then we’ll take your group over to St. John’s Cathedral for more impressive architecture.

9. Museum of Antigua and Barbuda: We can’t visit Antigua without soaking up its history. This museum is full of indigenous replicas, artwork and exhibits about its origin and political struggles.

10. Beaches: There are hundreds of beaches in Antigua. Your meetings can remain focused and productive when breaks and rewards are all about the beaches.

As you may already know, the Docherty Incentives & Meetings staff works hard to personally visit each destination before we send your team to ensure everything is carefully vetted. The Docherty difference is to truly deliver – not just on an idea but on the entirety of the actual experience. Antigua has all the magic of the Caribbean, but more importantly it is bustling with activity – truly perfect for team building, reconnecting and rewarding. Contact Docherty Incentives & Meetings to learn more about why Antigua is the next best meeting destination for your team.