All-Inclusive or Non-Inclusive: Is One Better Than The Other?

Posted On: March 20, 2015

There are tangible ways to plan events and take your company, employees and business to the next level. What level is that? For top-producing companies that level is one of impeccable performance and inspired goals. You can actually work at building up to that level with the kind of planning and preparation you bring to your events and meetings. The enduring effects can be powerful.

Once you’ve finalized an event destination, the next critical decision is whether to host the program at an all-inclusive resort or a non-inclusive resort. It isn’t an easy decision to make on your own, but Docherty will make it easier. We’ve planned meetings all over the world at both types of resorts, so here are some of our insider tips to help guide you, as there are benefits to both options.


  • Controls Budget: All-inclusive…it means everything is included so it helps you manage a budget since all food, beverages, liquor, rooms and some activities are a single rate.
  • Encourages Cohesiveness: When your audience is kept together this promotes bonding and opportunities for deeper interactions. Staying together encourages the kind of cohesiveness desirable for a group…something you’ll want them to take back to work.
  • Frees Up Funds: When you choose all-inclusive resorts it allows top producers more discretionary dollars they can put towards spa days, excursions, and activities since they’re not paying for things like drinks around the pool, or meals on their own.


  • Off-Site Activities: Choosing a non-inclusive resort means guests can take advantage of unique, one-of-a-kind group venues for functions, a variety of optional activities, tours, team building adventures and more.
  • Encourages Exploration: Since there isn’t a strong pull to stay on resort property a non-inclusive resort encourages guests to explore the destination more and venture out.
  • Adventures in Food: Depending on the hotel or resort, choosing a non-inclusive resort might mean guests can be more adventuresome with their food options—dining out at different local restaurants where food quality might be higher.

The landscape of hotel options is constantly changing. Just as with non-inclusive properties, we utilize four- and five-star all-inclusive resorts that cater to the discerning meeting planner and ultimate guest. With a deep understanding of what the global market offers, Docherty identifies the best hotel options to make your meeting, event or incentive trip shine.