5 Signs of Excellent Meeting and Event Planners

Posted On: November 4, 2015

This is it: the last two months of 2015 is here and while you’re working down that pile of Halloween candy left on your desk, there are a few more events you need to plan before you ring in 2016. The best route is to hire a smart meeting and event planning company. It sounds easy, but when you pull up Google to hunt for an event planner you can get lost in that rabbit hole of descriptions.

We’ve pulled together 5 signs of excellent meeting and event planners so you can gauge who will deliver what you need.

1. Visionary Thinking

A meeting planning company absolutely must have visionary thinking to be worth your time. Part of their job is to take your thoughts about a meeting or event and expand upon the key elements. That kind of expansive thinking is what sets meeting and event planners apart from the average party planner. Having visionary thinking is not just about thinking through sponsors, catering, speakers, and location. It is a deeper kind of thinking that includes considering how each element of an event will fulfill and enhance your company’s mission, event objectives and employee culture.

2. Crystal Ball Approach

Excellent event planners don’t just plot the logistics of your event, they are thinking ahead to how each move, each area, all the timing will affect the future. They’re considering how to move large numbers of people (both emotionally with guest speakers but also physically from place to place) and how those moves will play out. They are people who check, double check and triple check plans and logistics. They have this crystal ball approach, which has them seated confidently in the present because the details of the future have been carefully plotted and planned.

3. Having a Zen Head

So much of an event planner’s life during an event is saturated with putting out fires. Excellent meeting planners are calm and cool under pressure. They aren’t seen overreacting or under-reacting. They are poised with purpose knowing they are under constant scrutiny all while being fire bombed with unknowns, surprises, weather changes, sick guest speakers, late food service, misspelled signage, room changes and no-show entertainment. These, among the many other upsets that can ruffle feathers just don’t ruffle an excellent event planner’s feathers.

4. A Plastic Plan

Also known as flexibility, an excellent meeting planner creates a plan knowing it is plastic—it will likely need to bend and reform and be flexible enough to withstand things like last minute budget cuts. Being resourceful is an absolute must for successful event planners. Some of the best examples of successful events are those where a meeting planner can share what she was able to manage given an array of obstacles. An event planning company that has embedded in their work ethic the necessary adaptability trait is the kind of company you want planning your meeting or event.

5. Humble Integrity

Humility and integrity might not be at the top of your list when you’re hunting for an excellent event planning company—but they should. A key element of successful events is having a planner who is clear about the purpose of the event. In other words good event planners know events are not about them. Planning your company’s event has nothing to do with the planner’s agenda, and everything to do with the company’s goals. High levels of integrity can never be overemphasized as a necessary trait in your meeting and event planner.

Get started in your search for excellent meeting and event planners knowing what they need for you to succeed.