2020 Visioning: Start Planning for the Soaring ‘20s

Posted On: December 18, 2014

The New Year is coming…there is plenty of time to carefully plan the most epic events and meetings to launch your company into a powerful orbit of success. There is nothing like a milestone year to get people thinking critically about their place in the grand scheme of your business. There is ample time to budget for the luxurious experiences everyone deserves. 

We’re talking, of course, about the year 2020.

True, 2015 will ring in soon, and even while you’re celebrating the triumphs of the past year and resolving commitments for the new, consider your vision and get 2020-focused. Because it is possible to create the kind of year you intend to live into, invest the time now in planning what you believe will be your best year yet.

Will there be another repeat of the Roaring ‘20s? It’s true that the status and accessibility of technology can’t necessarily be predicted five years out, but what can be planned are dreams for the future of your business, your employees, and your bottom line.

Still not sold on why advanced planning for events is crucial? Here are the top four reasons why being thoughtful about your events can have far-reaching positive affects on the future of your business.

1. Events Are Investments // Anticipate Your Return

Your Dad was right…don’t run out and buy the first car you test drive. Take your time, shop around, get your finances in order, determine what you can afford, plan the perks you can’t live without and don’t (for the love) impulse-buy.

Approaching events are no different. They’re investments in both your employees and your business. So take your time, shop your possibilities. No event is a success when it is thoughtlessly thrown together at the last minute (unless you’re planning a four-year-old’s birthday party in which case last minute balloon purchases can be a big hit). In fact we don’t even want to call those day-before-the-event-plans “events” at all…those are called Packaged Disasters Tied with a Bow (though maybe a room full of balloons would have the same affect on your sales team but we don’t recommend finding out).

Investing right now in a 2020 event (or any event in the coming years) will allow you to budget reasonably and plan thoughtfully. At Docherty we have clients booking out their 2018 events in 2014 because they have begun the visioning process that moves them from inaction to action.

2. Events Are Epic // Create the Event No One Wants to Miss  

Calendars fill up. There are certain trade shows and events that have a seasonal flow you can anticipate so you’ll know where they’ll fall on the calendar. Advanced event planning means you don’t have to be beholden to another’s event…you can plan an event no one wants to miss.

Creating an event, meeting or rewards trip so that others have to plan around your schedule means you are halfway to your goal of being a brand leader, an industry expert, and an event maven. Not only does advanced planning give you this kind of power, but it also reflects on the kind of business acumen you want to project to your staff and competitors.

3. Events Are Platforms // Building Buzz Gets People Pumped

Planning something last minute means you’ll have to let go of teasers about your event. When there isn’t time to build excitement, momentum is lost which isn’t a great place to start an event. Events are a platform upon which you can build your next best business strategy.

Planning corporate meetings well in advance means you get to plot a marketing scheme that makes sense for your audience and the objectives of your business. When you have time to strategically drop details about the location and then the speaker and then the perks and then the door prizes, you get to be thoughtful about the delivery. Quickly thrown together events have failure written all over them and can disappoint attendees which reflects poorly on the company ethos.

4. Events Are Reflections // An Amazing Event Equals an Amazing Company

If you want Jay Leno or Jane Fonda or your local celebrity CEO as your keynote speaker, advanced planning will only help your cause. Locations, too, fill up fast, especially those with high visibility or the hot locale for sales meetings. Sometimes availability of speakers and destinations steer the planning ship but if you plan in advance you’ll likely get to steer your own ship (and who doesn’t like to be a captain?).

A well-planned event reflects on your company. Every detail from the flight to the rooms to the food to the activities planned is reflective of your company. Employees will take note. Events can, for better or worse, tell your employees how you measure their worth. Your appreciation for their contribution is shown in your event intentionality because it is understood that each detail is orchestrated with employees in mind.

The reality is the decision-makers may need convincing and rationale to get on board with advanced event planning. But showing your budgetary mindfulness, the intentionality of preserving the brand experience and your ability to take the commitment to your job seriously can transform the Boring ‘20s into the Soaring ‘20s for your 2020 event.

Events are epic investments and platforms upon which a workforce can reflect in years to come. The value of the peace of mind which comes with advanced event planning cannot be emphasized enough…make your New Year’s resolution the quest to garner more peace of mind and start planning your epic 2020 event…we’re here to help.